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ECON 309: Labor Economics 

ECON 251-01: Intermediate Microeconomics

ECON 251-02: Intermediate Microeconomics

Sample Mini Projects in Intermediate Microeconomics

Project 1:Write a homework problem for your classmate

This assignment involves four steps: firstly, selecting and summarizing a relevant article from a popular press source like the Wall Street Journal or New York Times, focusing on its connection to class material. Secondly, link the article to economic concepts such as demand/supply equilibrium, consumer preferences, or market structures like monopoly and perfect competition. Thirdly, a homework question based on this article and the identified economic concept. Finally, provide an answer to the crafted question.

Project 2: Make a mini presentation to your friend

This project requires creating a brief presentation with 2-3 slides that accomplish the following: summarize a relevant article from a respected publication, connect it to specific economic concepts like risk, insurance, game theory, or market structures, and then explain these concepts in layman's terms, relating them back to the article to aid understanding for someone without an economics background.

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